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Protecting the Rights of Consumers

David C. Hawkes, located in San Diego, California, is experienced employment and consumer fraud attorney that will fight to enforce your rights against employers and businesses. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you pursue your claims. Through diligent representation, our San Diego consumer fraud lawyers have restored millions of dollars to consumers, employees, and investors. If your employer has wrongfully denied or withheld your wages or meal period and/or rest breaks or you have a possible consumer fraud claim, let us help you.

Employee Rights Claims

While employers are required to follow California Employment Law, there are many that fail to do so. For example, violations related to wage and hour law, including unpaid overtime, meal breaks or rest periods are prevalent. Unfortunately, employees are often unaware of their rights and continue to be victimized without seeking redress. If you are being wrongfully denied overtime pay, meal breaks, or rest periods, or if your employer has refused to reimburse you for work-related expenses, contact our employment attorneys for a free consultation to evaluate your claims.

Consumer Fraud Claims

David C. Hawkes, also handle cases involving consumer fraud, false advertising, hidden fees, and unfair business practices. Examples of the consumer cases we handle are claims for hidden or undisclosed fees and charges relating to credit cards, banks, cell phones, rental cars, insurance, internet scams and real estate and mortgage broker fraud. If you have been the victim of deceptive, unfair, illegal, or fraudulent business practices contact our San Diego consumer fraud attorneys for a free consultation to evaluation your claims.

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