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  • Do you believe you have been victimized by mortgage fraud or predatory lending?
  • Has a loan officer loaded your mortgage with hidden fees?
  • Did a real estate developer make false promises regarding certain amenities?
  • Are you the victim of a breach of contract involving real estate or other property you purchased?

Holding Mortgage Brokers and Lenders Accountable for Real Estate Fraud

The recent real estate boom of the last few years resulted in mortgage brokers and banks issuing and refinancing a record number of mortgages. However, a variety of improper practices has resulted from this activity. In some instances, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and banks have approved loans or subprime loans for purchasers where they should not have or without proper documentation, and in other instances even taken kickbacks for loans. Additionally, many borrowers may have mortgages that include excessive, undisclosed, or hidden fees buried within their closing costs, or actual mortgage payments. If you believe that you may be a victim of such illegal predatory lending practices or fees, we encourage you to contact us.

Real Estate Developer Fraud

If you have purchased a new house in a planned residential community or a new condominium, you want everything that was promised to you. A real estate developer may not induce the purchase of a new residence or condo by promising an amenity or feature that is never provided. Developers who promise pools, outdoor terraces, courtyards, or even lesser amenities must follow through with such promises. Attorney David Hawkes will hold developers accountable for any such breach of contract or false representations by a developer.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams

In the wake of the recent real estate downturn, many Californians facing foreclosure have been preyed upon by foreclosure rescue operations. In many instances, these foreclosure rescue operations represent themselves as easy and fair solutions for homeowners. However, they often illegally take advantage of the homeowners’ hard earned accumulation of equity by providing little or nothing in return.

Effective Management of Your Real Estate Fraud Case

After visiting with us regarding your real estate fraud matter, we will get to work on reviewing all documentation related to your case. While real estate paperwork can be lengthy and laden with extensive verbiage, we will always review every word and leave no detail overlooked. You are entitled to what you were promised. Rest assured we are dedicated advocates who are committed to resolving your real estate fraud or breach of contract case.

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