Automobile Defects

Automobile Defect Injury Attorneys

Automobile defects result in the tragic deaths or serious injury of thousands of people each year. Faulty cars that contain dangerous defects can cause devastating consequences. Both federal and state law specifically allow for compensation for victims of automobile defects.

Automobile defects may manifest in many different forms, leading to serious injury for drivers and passengers. Below are examples of some of the most common forms of automobile defects:

  • Airbag Defect – Airbags that either fail to deploy or improperly deploy can result in serious injuries to car drivers or passengers. Airbag failure is often the result of an automobile design defect.

  • Brake Failure – Defective brakes that impair a driver’s ability to safely stop or slow down his or her vehicle can often result in a dangerous condition, serious injury or death.

  • Car Seats – Automobile car seats can collapse or break, leaving drivers and passengers at a greater risk of a head or other type of serious injury.

  • Child Restraint System Defects – When a safety seat becomes unlatched while a vehicle is in motion, it may be the result of a defect that has compromised the safety of the child.

  • Defective Tires – Defective tires can result in loss of driver control of a vehicle. Defective tires may fail because they either wear out unusually early for the life of the tire or otherwise have defects that cause blowouts or tread division.

  • Fuel System Fires – Automobiles that are properly designed should prevent fuel fires. However, defective fuel systems can result in post crash fires that result in serious burns or injuries.

  • Rollovers – Vehicles that are more likely at risk of rollover include SUV’s, trucks, and 15 passenger vans. The design of certain models of these vehicles is defective and as a result increases the risk of a dangerous rollover accident.

  • Roof Crush – Defective automobile roofs can result in severe injuries or death in rollover accidents.

  • Seat belt Malfunction – Seat belts that have defective locking mechanisms may fail to restrain passengers in collisions or crashes.

  • Steering and Transmission Defects – Steering defects can result in an automobile steering wheel locking up. Unable to control the vehicle, the driver is at risk of serious injury to himself or others.

Our Injury Lawyers Can Evaluate Your Potential Car Defect Claims

While the majority of automobiles are designed and manufactured to satisfaction and ensure passenger safety, automobiles that contain defects which increase the risk of serious injury should be made obsolete. Serious injuries and fatalities result far too often from an automobile defect. While these occurrences should not occur, if you or someone you know is the victim of an automobile defect, it is important to discuss your legal rights with an experienced attorney.

Our attorneys are dedicated to representing the rights of those who have been injured as a result of automobile design defects. Our firms accept both California and national automobile defect cases. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured due to an automobile defect, contact our attorneys for a free and confidential evaluation of your legal rights.