Elder Abuse

California Elder Abuse Attorneys

California possesses the largest elder population of any state in the country. Unfortunately, nearly 200,000 Californians are also the victims of elder abuse each year. Elder abuse often goes undetected due to the victim’s reluctance to come forward, many times out of embarrassment or fear of retaliation by their abuser. Consequently, elder abuse may continue until a family member, caring friend, or caretaker acts on behalf of the victim.

Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Facility Claims

Seniors and elders, whether they live in long term care facilities, nursing homes or otherwise, should be able to expect proper attention and treatment. Several hundred thousand people live in nursing home and long term care facilities in the United States. These environments are designed with the purpose of creating a better life for elders. However, neglect and mistreatment occur all too often in these facilities. If an elder you know has been subjected to abuse in a nursing home or long-term care facility, one of our attorneys can help assert legal claims that may ultimately prevent further abuses in these environments.

California’s Elder Abuse Act

Under California’s Elder Abuse Act, persons who are 65 years of age or older are provided special protections for their safety and welfare. The legislative intent behind the Act is "to direct special attention to the needs and problems of elderly persons, recognizing that these persons constitute a significant and identifiable segment of the population and that they are more subject to risks of abuse, neglect, and abandonment." The Elder Abuse Act sets forth that the abuse or neglect of an elder in a reckless, oppressive, fraudulent, or malicious manner is actionable.

Signs of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse may manifest in several forms. Neglect is one of the most frequent causes of elder abuse. Neglect occurs when a person charged with having care or custody of an elder or dependent adult negligently fails to use reasonable care. Neglect in nursing homes and long-term care facilities may be in the form of failure of any of the following: to provide medical care, clothing, or shelter, to protect from health and safety hazards, or to prevent malnutrition or dehydration. Some signs of neglect based on facility conditions include insufficient staffing of personnel, lack of assistance with eating or drinking, inadequate supervision, administering too much or not enough medication, or unreasonable physical restraint.

Common physical signs of elder abuse include, for example, bed sores, bruises, falls, broken bones, infections, dehydration, loss of weight, or wandering. An elder who is the victim of abuse may seem withdrawn, confused, depressed, angry, frightened, or secretive.

Free Consultation with California Elder Abuse Lawyer

If you are related to or know of an elder who has been mistreated or abused, please contact us to speak with an understanding, elder abuse attorney who can provide an evaluation of any potential claim. Our elder abuse attorneys will take the time to provide a free and confidential evaluation, without obligation, for someone you know that may be the victim of elder abuse. We handle cases throughout California, including San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties and Northern California.