Investigation Regarding Frontier Communications Promotion Price Fraud or Failure to Honor Discounts or Deals

We are currently investigating potential claims against Frontier Communications for unlawfully promising reduced price services (promotion price) and then refusing or failing to honor the reduced price and, instead, charging the consumer a much higher price than what was promised. The Frontier customers are often not aware of these unfair practices until they receive their billing statements. If a Frontier customer complains about the failure to honor the promised reduction in price, deal, or discount, Frontier refuses to resolve the complaint and continues charging the increased price. Frontier also promises reductions in prices in order to keep or convert customers but then fails to honor the reduction, promotion, or deal pricing. It is believed that Frontier engages in this unfair and fraudulent conduct with respect to its telephone, internet and/or cable services. Frontier also may apply the reduced price for one billing statement but then return to the higher price for customers who attempt to cancel their services.

If you have experienced problems with Frontier Communications promising you a deal, promotion, or reduced pricing on cable, internet, or phone services but then failing to honor the discount and charging you a higher price, and you would like to speak to an attorney regarding your potential claims, please contact us for a free consultation.