Investigation Regarding Welk Resorts Timeshare Sales Unpaid Wages and Commission

We are currently investigating potential claims against Welk Resorts for unlawfully failing to pay all wages and commissions to its timeshare salespersons in California. Because of its potentially unlawful policies, we believe Welk Resorts likely failed to pay its timeshare salespersons all wages owed, including commissions and time spent working where salespersons could not directly make sales. These claims could also be made by salespersons who worked for or were paid by Member Development in California.

If you were a timeshare sales person or other employee for Welk Resorts, Member Development, Apollo Marketing, or Soleil Communications, and believe you may not have been paid all wages due to you, including commissions and time spent working when you could not directly make sales, and wish to speak to an experienced attorney regarding your rights and potential claims, please contact us for a free consultation.