Missed Meal Breaks and Rest Periods

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  • Are you being deprived of meal breaks and/or rest periods?

Generally, California non-exempt employees working a shift of at least five hours must receive an unpaid thirty (30) minute uninterrupted meal break. A ten-minute rest period must also be provided to California employees for every four (4) hour shift. While employers may try to find ways around these requirements or flat-out ignore them, David C. Hawkes, Esq. will ensure that employers are held responsible if they have violated your rights as a California employee.

If your employer is denying you meal breaks and/or rest period payments, your employee rights are being violated. David C. Hawkes, Esq., located in San Diego, California want to protect your employee rights and help you obtain that to which you are entitled.

Establishing an Individual Claim or Class Action Lawsuit

David C. Hawkes, Esq. take time to gather all the necessary information in a missed meal break or rest period payment claim. In addition, we can determine whether any other employees are being denied meal breaks or rest periods. A small claim by one employee can often become a large class action lawsuit against an employer. David C. Hawkes, Esq. is able to handle both types of claims and hold employers accountable for any meal break, rest period, or other labor code violations.

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