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David Hawkes is a San Diego, California based attorney devoted to defending the rights of consumers and employees harmed by either unfair business or employment practices. Attorney Hawkes is committed to protecting the rights of California employees and consumers and holding employers and businesses fully accountable for violating those rights.

Experienced Labor Law and Consumer Fraud Lawyers

David Hawkes has significant experience prosecuting employment and consumer fraud, including class actions against large employers and businesses. He possess the knowledge, experience, and willingness to fight against wrongdoing committed by employers and businesses. He is also fully committed to protecting the rights of employees and consumers and holding employers and businesses accountable for violations of the California Labor Code.  Additionally, he is willing to commit the resources and effort needed to investigate and prosecute your potential claims and obtain the recovery to which you are entitled.

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If you believe your employer has violated your rights by unpaid overtimemissed meal breaks or rest periods, reimbursement for employment-related expenses, or misclassification of employee status; or if you believe a business has violated your rights as a consumer via false advertising, fraud, hidden or undisclosed fees, or other unfair, fraudulent or deceptive practice, contact us. For a free and confidential consultation to determine whether you may have a claim contact us.