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David C. Hawkes, Esq. of Blanchard Krasner & French practice in San Diego, California in the following areas of employment law and consumer protection:

Wage and Hour Disputes – If you are being denied your right to premium pay for overtime worked, he will help you hold employers who violate your rights fully accountable.

Rest Periods/Missed Meal Breaks – California employers are generally required to provide employees thirty (30) minute, uninterrupted meal breaks and ten (10) minute rest periods.

Labor Code Violations – Attorney Hawkes is fully knowledgeable regarding reimbursement of employment-related expenses, waiting time penalties, and other provisions of the California Labor Code.

Restaurant Employees’ Rights – While many industries are guilty of violating employment laws and the California Labor Code, the restaurant industry can be particularly oppressive. Restaurant employee workers who are deprived of their rights by employers deserve proper representation.

Consumer Fraud - Consumer fraud can take place in many forms, including transactions that are deceptive, unfair, or involve hidden or undisclosed fees or charges.

False Advertising – Claiming that a product or service provides certain benefits will undoubtedly attract purchasers. When these claims are deceptive, misleading, or simply untrue, we will work diligently to ensure that your consumer rights are protected.

Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud – Developers, brokers, and lenders have been known to employ misleading, unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices. In these situations, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you evaluate your potential claims.

Hidden Fees – Hidden fees are a commonplace and are often associated with credit cards, banking services, cell phone service charges, rental car agreements fees, bank fees, insurance contracts, internet scams, and real estate and mortgage fraud.

Unfair Business Practices –If a company is being dishonest with you, they may be engaging in an unfair business practice. Our attorneys will help evaluate your potential claim, address your concerns and determine if you have legal recourse.

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